Lose Weight Safely and Reliably with MWMC!

Welcome to Medical Weight Management Clinics, Northeast Florida’s leading experts in weight loss medicine and wellness. Medical Weight Management Clinics (MWMC) offers medically supervised weight management programs that are carefully tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Our well-trained staff includes a medical doctor specializing in Bariatrics (weight loss medicine).

We have been serving the communities of Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, and Yulee for over 9 years and have successfully treated hundreds of local residents.

Why Choose MWMC?

With obesity reaching staggering rates in the United States, people are looking for help with weight loss. Jacksonville, FL citizens are no strangers to this epidemic, as over 64 percent are either overweight or obese. People struggling with weight loss know that it is not easy, especially when they are trying to do it alone. That is why Medical Weight Management Clinics are here to help you.

Individual Attention

One size fits all does not work. We tailor a program for your individual needs. Each time you visit our clinic you will meet one on one with a professionally trained medical staff member. They will work with you by measuring your body composition, designing a diet program that is best for you using flexible meal plans and protein weight loss supplements and getting you started on an exercise plan mapped out just for you. After you have lost the weight you want, we also have a maintenance program to make sure you can keep it off.



Medical Weight Management Clinics
“Over the past 10 years my weight has fluctuated between 222 and 228. In the back of my mind I set a limit that if I ever hit 230 I MUST do something about it! At the end of July 2013 I weighed myself after not getting on the scale for some time and I weight 230! Bells started going off remember what I set as my limit. It took me 19 days before I walked into Medical Weight Management in Gateway Plaza on August 19th 2013 and meet a friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging staff. I told them I was going on a Caribbean trip for Christmas and I wanted to lose 30 lbs by then. As of Tuesday, December 3d 2014 I have exceeded my goal by 13 lbs and now weigh 187! A total weight loss of 43 lbs. I feel SO much better and have all kinds of energy that I didn’t have. I had pains in my knees at times when going down stairs, NO more knee pain! I would pant when I went upstairs, NO more panting! I am not looking forward to buying a new wardrobe and my trip!”